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80% off IPL Hair Removal 1/2 Lower Leg at Beresford Clinic #201639

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IPL Hair Removal 1/2 Lower Leg at Beresford Clinic.

Are you tired of spending time and money removing unwanted hair, for it to grow back a short time later? 
Whether you do it yourself at home or go to a salon, hair removal can be painful, time consuming and a lifetime of expense!

Imagine a world where you no longer think about hair removal…no more daily shaving; no more painful waxing and plucking; no more messy creams!

We sometimes have special offers for IPL Hair Reduction – check out our offers page before you book.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a non-invasive, gentle way to achieve long lasting hair reduction – and it’s suitable for all genders!

With the ever-increasing popularity of intense pulse light (IPL) hair reduction, the ability to offer the greatest results to a variety of hair types is crucial for our patients.

Ice 2 is the most advanced and quickest way to remove unwanted hair from all areas of the body. The virtually painless treatment successfully reduces unwanted hair with minimal patient discomfort, side effects or interruption of routine activities.


  • Provide permanent hair reduction
  • Effectively treat virtually all hair colours and hair textures, from dark blond, brown to black, course to fine hair.
  • Reduce hair from all skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI)
  • Quickly and effectively eliminates hair for all parts of the body, no matter how deep the follicles reside or how large or small the area. This includes sensitive areas like the lip, underarms, bikini line, as well as large areas like a man’s back or a pair of woman’s legs.
  • The Beresford Clinic; For IPL Hair Reduction in Newton Abbot, Torbay, Exeter, Plymouth, Devon

Cosmetic & Non Surgical Procedures:
At the Beresford Clinic, our medical-led team of a Doctor, Nurses and Therapists, provide expert management for all your cosmetic & non surgical procedures. From your initial enquiry, to your treatment and subsequent follow up appointments, the staff at our professional medical practice are here to offer advice and support during your treatments. The Beresford Clinic boasts 17 years of delivering the most ground-breaking and effective cosmetic & non surgical procedures discovered to date. Our friendly team are also available by telephone, to offer help or advice about any concerns you may have or indeed, they are here to answer any questions you have or offer advice about the procedures that we offer before you make your decision. Our premises are located in a private location overlooking the beautiful River Teign and the Teign Valley.
Parking is plentiful, easy and of course, free of charge.

Click here to find out more. Or call Beresford Clinic on 01626 777 027.

Voucher Terms and Conditions

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Non transferable and no cash alternative.

Voucher valid for 30 days from date of purchase.

General Terms and Conditions

1. Area of Application
These Terms and Conditions are valid in the current version at any one time and apply to the relationship between Celador Radio Broadcasting Limited and subsidiaries (“Celador Group”) and Customers.

2. Definitions and Interpretation
2.1. Business Partner means any individual, company or other entity with whom Celador Group have a commercial relationship.
2.2. Contract means the agreement made between Celador Group and the Customer when the Customer completes the online purchase of Vouchers.
2.3. A Customer is an individual who purchases a Voucher online via this site. 
2.4. Purchase Price is the price of the Voucher as stated from time to time on this site. Service Provider means the entity providing the service for which the Voucher has been purchased.
2.5. Voucher means the voucher purchased online this site by the Customer.
2.6. Words in the singular shall include the plural and visa versa.
3. Conditions of Purchase
3.1. The Customer is required to make his or her order of the Voucher via the Celador Group website and to follow the instructions therein to complete their order of the Voucher.
3.2. Once the Customer has completed the online process, they shall have entered a legally binding Contract with Celador Group and shall be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
4. Conditions of Payment
4.1. Payment for the Voucher must be performed by the Customer exclusively by PayPal or credit or debit card as instructed online. 
4.2. Payment of the Purchase Price is taken in full online and must be completed prior to Celador Group processing the Customer's order.
5. Reservation of Proprietary Rights
The Voucher remains the property of Celador Group until the Voucher has been paid for in full and received by the Customer.
6. Delivery
6.1. The Voucher will be emailed to the address supplied to Celador Group by the Customer within 24 hours. Please contact us if you have not received your voucher after this time.
6.2. Celador Group reserves its right to refuse to deliver overseas.
6.3. In the event that the Voucher is lost, Celador Group may, but is not obliged to replace the Voucher.
7. Termination of the Contract
Celador Group may refuse to complete a Customer's order in certain circumstances which include, but are not limited to;
1. typing, printing or calculation errors on the part of the Customer;
2. where the Customer has any liabilities to Celador Group;
3. where the Voucher are no longer available; or
4. where the Customer has failed to pay the Purchase Price or any other fees due by them.
8. Refund Policy
Once purchased, vouchers cannot be transferred, exchanged, refunded or returned.
8.1. Should an establishment cease trading within the validity period then a refund will be issued. The Customer can obtain a refund by posting the Voucher to; Suite 2 Paddington House, Festival Place, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 7LJ. The Voucher must be unused and not damaged.
8.2. Refunds can only be made in the manner prescribed in clause 8.1:
1. To the individual who purchased the Voucher;
2. To the same credit or debit card the Voucher was purchased on; and
3. Refunds cannot be given once a booking has been made, nor on expired or extended vouchers.
8.3. Refunds cannot be given under any other circumstances.
9. Guarantee and Liability
9.1. Celador Group liability is hereby limited to the value of the Voucher.
9.2. Celador Group is not responsible for the performance of the Service Provider and does not guarantee or warrant the performance of the Service Provider.
9.3. Should the Customer not be satisfied with the performance of the Service Provider, the Customer may direct their complaint to Celador Group, by contacting Celador Group in the manner prescribed in clause 8. Celador Group shall thereafter take all reasonable steps to investigate the Customer's complaint, but are not obliged to take any further steps.
10. Data Protection
10.1. Celador Group shall at all times comply with the applicable laws relating to the processing of Personal Data including the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR) and the European General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)
10.2. The Customer states his or her consent for the use of Customer data for advertising purposes by Celador Group and the transfer of this data to the Business Partners of Celador Group when completing the order of the Voucher online.
10.3. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, Celador Group and their Business Partners may contact the Customer with information about products, services and special offers.
10.4. Customers details will not be passed onto any non-related third party.
10.5. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.
11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
11.1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.
11.2. The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.
12. Severance
Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions be found by any court or other competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extend required, be deemed not to form part of these Terms and Conditions and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not be affected.
13. Amendments/Variations
No variation and/or addition to these Terms and Conditions shall be effective unless it is agreed in writing and signed by Celador Group.

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