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Andy Green

Andy keeps you entertained with feelgood songs on The Breeze Weekend. We caught up with him to ask some very important questions!

What was the first single you ever bought?

Abba – Mama mia.  It cost me 69p from my local Woolworths in the Top 40 rack. I used to load it on one of those old record players that dropped the record down onto the turntable and then the arm automatically moved across to play it.

For a few years my younger brother argued that it was his and he had bought it. However by the mid-80s he seemed rather embarrassed when I tried to introduce the subject infront of his friends as they played U2 at top blast.

Thankfully I always stood by what is still a great tune today.

What’s the funniest thing to happen to you on air?

Well I can’t tell you the tale of how the sales girls tried to put me off through the studio window mid-way through a link a few years ago.

Needless to say they had been out celebrating and I did rather stumble my way into the next tune. I still work with one of them at the Breeze – she made me promise not to tell!

Other than being a radio presenter, what other job would you like to have a go at?

I have actually tried a few. I was a computer programmer before moving into radio full time and sold toasters and kettles for a no-longer-with-us high street retailer when I left school. We had a store room in the basement so delivery day was hard work but we discovered it went much faster if we formed a chain and threw the item along the line down the stairs.

Sadly I can’t catch so my apologies if I sold you a dented kitchen appliance!

Listen to Andy on The Breeze Weekend.

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