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Hampshire Police Federation launches manifesto

Picture credits: Hampshire Police Federation

The Federation has included the main issues they intend to cover.

They have outlined the 'Five Key Priorities for Policing':

  • Fair Share of Funding for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight - The Force face a funding shortfall of around £47million and they have lost 1,021 officers since 2010. As part of the current 6,000 officer uplift in England and Wales, they will gain 156 officers.
  • Assaults on Officers - Longer sentences when police officers and emergency service works are assaulted by the public.
  • Taser funding - Hampshire Constabulary should not be punished for equipping an increased number of officers with Tasers. In any national funding for the use of Tasers, the Constabulary wants to retain a fair share of funding.
  • Cost of Living - An increase to the South East Regional Allowance their officers receive - which currently stands at £1,000 and has done since 2001. The Federation believes it rise rise in relation to inflation and aligned to London allowances.
  • Time Limits on Investigations into Police Officer - They want a 12-Month Time Limit on these investigations, as there is currently no cap on how long an officer can be investigated for. They believe this can have a negative impact on an officer, their families and colleagues.

They are outlining these priorities ahead of the General Election on 12th December, 2019.

Alex Charge, Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation, has called on the next government to honour these priorities:

“Police officers come to work because they want to do a good job but they feel like they can’t because there are not enough of them.

“For too long policing in Hampshire and across the country has – frankly - been treated very badly by successive Governments.

“This now needs to stop.

"Cuts have had consequences and we now need a sustained investment in both policing in Hampshire and our police officers.

“If prospective MPs of all parties abide by the pledges in our manifesto then not only will the morale of thousands of police officers increase – the public of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will be safer as a result.

“We have 1,000 fewer police officers than we did some 10 years ago.

"But the demand on the officers who remain has gone up.

"The public – local tax payers - are getting a poorer service as a result.

“The solution? Well, we just need more officers. It’s that simple.

"You can’t take over 1,000 officers out of our force without it having a significant impact.

“Our remaining colleagues can’t provide the quality level of service they want to because they’re just being pulled to the next job, to the next job.

"It’s almost like they’re just running round sticking plasters on everything, rather than actually dealing with things and stopping them from occurring again.

“This has to change.”

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