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Young Person of the Year

South Devon College

Sporting Achievement of the Year sponsored by South Devon College

The Nominees are:

Annabelle Gillard

Annabelle Gillard

Annabelle deserves this award through her work around Project DAVE (Domestic Abuse Victim Equality). She is the leader of the project and has worked with a team of young people to raise awareness around Domestic Abuse. The project began in October 2015, during National Domestic Abuse Awareness month.

It was felt by the young people that there was a need to raise awareness beyond this concept and target other victims affected by domestic abuse in a more equitable way so that nobody should suffer in silence. Annabelle and her team’s work has gained recognition from both national and international Charities and Annabelle has been nominated for her tireless efforts to help the project go from strength to strength.


Kieran Cliff

Kieran CliffKieran is a remarkable young man. He has been a young volunteer with The Windmill Centre for a few months and has excelled in every way. He helped set up the NHS food bank at the centre by helping lay flooring, assembling, catering racks, bringing in fridges and freezers, putting up cameras, clearing out rubbish and most evenings each week helping to do the food collections and delivery of parcels.

He will also be supporting a holiday hunger initiative at the centre throughout the holidays with Play Torbay, by organising donations of food. He enjoys his charity work and for a 16-year-old lad he has an amazing, mature outlook on life and will do anything to help anyone. 


Sam Harrison

Sam HarrisonSam was seriously injured during a rugby game. He sustained a head injury and is now recovering after being in a coma. Sam has been nominated for his bravery and positivity throughout.







Voting closes on 16th September.

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