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Bravery Award

Bravery Award sponsored by Les Joint

Les Joint

The Nominees are:

Ella-Jaie Cox

Ella-Jaie CoxElla-Jaie suffers with a heart condition called supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) she was diagnosed with this at just 2 years old. She has undergone countless ecgs, eco cardiograms, blood tests and weeks of constant monitoring and she is currently due an operation this year. Ella-Jaie has just turned 8 and has missed a lot of school and dance (which is her passion) due to her condition.

She has been so brave throughout it all and also raised lots of money for a NICU ward in memory of her baby cousin by taking part in runs, cake sales, charity football matches and she even cut off 11inches of her hair donating it to the princess trust because in her words “everybody deserves to be a princess”. Despite her condition, Ella-Jaie smiles the whole way through it and always puts others first.


Heidi Slatter

Heidi SlatterHeidi has been a carer for her mother for the past 14 years and lives on the autism spectrum. She is 30 now and her mother would like to thank her for all she does and continues to do so. She says that Heidi deserves this award for her courage, bravery and sheer determination to make a difference to many peoples lives in inspiring others to be the best they can be.





Dylan Robin

Dylan RobinDylan is 13 years old and so far in his life, he has had to deal with a lot at such a young age. He has watched his mother go through a difficult relationship and not only did he run to go and get help for his family he also very courageously protected his mother. He then left everything he knew to move away and is now rebuilding his life with his Mum and Sister. He has been extremely brave in a very upsetting situation and put others first.




Liam Stanley

Liam Stanley

Earlier on this year, a football club was subject to an attempted burglary. Liam Stanley from a local security company said he would take a look. He arrived on site and was confronted by 3 men armed with crowbars trying to break the locks off the doors, Liam scared the men away and waited in the dark until the arrival of the police.

Not only was Liam not being paid to protect the  property but he risked his own safety to prevent further damage and loss to the community football club.’



Voting closes on 16th September.

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