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Explore Marvellous Monsters at Longleat

Explore Marvellous Monsters, the Big Bug Takeover at Longleat with The Breeze.

Listen to the Breeze Drive every day this week and win family tickets to the UK's number one safari park.

Included in your day ticket is Flight of the Butterflies - a cinematic experience that follows the monarch butterfly migration - one of nature's most incredible shows. Flight of the Butterflies is showing all half-term - free with your day ticket!

More about Marvellous Monsters

From giant, animatronic insects and hands-on bug sessions, to creepy crawly workshops and bug-themed films, Longleat has been overrun by all things insectile this May. You’ll come face to face (or maybe eye to antennae) with these humongous creepy crawlies and get a brand new perspective on these bizarre but fascinating creatures. These huge animatronics will make you feel like you’ve entered a hidden land of insects; where ladybirds crawl, spiders scuttle and bees buzz. But there aren’t just native back garden heroes for you to meet, there are a whole host of more exotic bugs for you to discover. Prepare to be amazed as you gaze up in wonder at the majestic tailless whip scorpion and a hulking Hercules beetle. Trust us – you’ve never seen bugs like this before!

"Marvellous Monsters", which runs until October 29th, celebrates the amazing world of insects and aims to highlight the softer side of bugs and the vital role they plan in keeping our planet alive.

The Wiltshire attraction has been overrun with a menagerie of massive, moving bugs and insects with more than a dozen animatronic creepy-crawlies dotted around the estate.

Insect-themed activities - including live entertainment, historical exhibitions and much more are taking place throughout the main season.

For full information opening times, events, activities and to buy tickets online, go to www.longleat.co.uk/events

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