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Queen Mary's

Queen Mary's College received £140

Every student on the Autistic Spectrum is different and most of them successfully manage their A level studies at college.  However, there is a cohort of academically able students that find the college experience and in particular the environment very challenging.

Queen Mary's College with support of Hampshire County Council was fortunate enough to secure a grant from the Education Funding Agency in which to construct a purpose built study centre intended to act as a permanent base or drop-in centre to those students who need that extra level of support at college.

The Breeze Kids Club donated £140 which enabled us to buy two bounce ball chairs for the building.  The chairs encourage better posture and improve core strength as well as being fun to sit on.  Also, very importantly for our students, they allow them to bounce and rock on the chair which many of them find soothing and use as a way of combating stress and anxiety.

We know the chairs will be very popular with our students and we sincerely thank The Breeze Kids Club for making the purchase possible.

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