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Andover Charity Working To Save Endangered Vulture

A white-backed vulture - photo by Yathin sk via Wikipedia

Andover's Hawk Conservancy Trust is working to try and save a critically endangered vulture in Africa from extinction.

A new report says there's been a significant decline in numbers of the white-backed vulture in its breeding grounds in South Africa.
It's being blamed on a number of issues - including poisoning, getting caught up in power lines, and changes in habitat.
Campbell Murn from the trust wrote the report - he tells us why they're so important, "There's nothing else that eats as much meat as vultures, so if you take vultures out of an ecosystem there's immediate consequences.  The carcasses don't get disposed of any more, and they offer potential for disease transmission between mammals and other scavengers - so there's a lot of knock-on effects.
"At the current rate of decline there is a very real risk of extinction in the wild within the century, and we have to have all hands to the pumps to address this problem.
"These populations are under severe threat, and if they disappear there's going to be big consequences for natural ecosystems, and also human health."

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